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“By now in the practice of large enterprises information technology has become one of the most important means of decision-making. However, finding out how reliable the data are on which the decisions are based is either an expensive task, or such a lengthy process that the results obtained would lose their relevance. If a manager wants to be sure that the analised data are a true reflection of reality, then human factors from the data collection process should be eliminated to the highest possible extent. The only possible method for this is the on-line collection of information arising in the course of the manufacturing process and the integration thereof into the company’s IT system. This is such a one-off investment which will be recovered during the decision-making process of future investments when the management will not hope for, but will actually know the break-even period”.

Pál Hársfalvi, Director

Our PaperNavigatorproduct family includes applications specifically tailored for the paper industry. The PaperNavigator product family provides integrated software solutions for both the pulp and paper, and the corrugated board industry.

Naturally, our self-developed software solutions are accompanied by hardware services, provided by a separate division established specifically to this end.

Should you have questions related to information technology investments and systems, Navigator Ltd. will be more than pleased to assist you. Based on our several-decade-long experience and expertise, we can always provide our partners with professional advice.

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